Friday, 3 July 2015

Posties Rejects @ Broadside - The Battle of the Cross part 2

As promised a few pics of the second Battle of the Cross, our game at Broadside last month.
After the whitewash that was the first game, we decided to start again, hopefully me and Lee would have a bit of luck this time??
For the second game we swapped sides, that meant me and Lee were now the English, I was Mad Dog Stapleton and Lee was a Mercenary Capt, while the Scots were commanded by Surg (Wally Armstrong) and Smiffy playing Wally's son Robert the Fearless.
Luckily as it was a demo game Postie allowed us to start further on the board, see pic above, BUT he let the Scots start with more troops on the table from the start, we both winged a bit, but were told to shut up moaning by Herr Fieldmarshal Postie!

As you can see in this pic the Scots have a lot more troops on the table, than we did in the last game!

Me and Smiffy threw well, and ran forward.

AND that's it
Game bloody over!!!
Why you ask?
Look at the cavalry on the road, there's a casualty there
its none other than bleedin Mad Dog Stapleton...
shot dead on his horse, with a extreeeeeemly lucky throw of the dice.
A 20 was needed on a D20 and that's what Surg threw.....
or so he said, none of us actually saw him throw the dice or saw it on the table before he
 picked it up??

So rather than end the game and have to stsrt the game all over again and in the spirit 
of the game Smiffy took over command, while I lay sprawled
 out on the ground by the tree.........

Surj didn't advance at all, he just stood still and waited for our advance.
While Smiffy took pot shots from the house.

I easily dispatched Surj attack dog, Fluffy.
While Smiffy threw well, killing a horseman.

We carried on advancing, I moved into a better position with most of my horse just outside the pic on the left. While Surj charged his horse into my flank, killing another on my men.
But in my turn a double teamed Surj's victor!

Now you'd think I'd have won this melee, but you'd be wrong, the dice gods stuck their 2 fingers up
at me in this melee and I lost another 2 figures, while out of shot Smiffy peppered Lee's troops with shot. Lee lost 4 figures.

Which unbelievably took us to 25% casualties, which then forced a morale check.
There are no more pics so you can guess what happened!!

2 games and 2 losses
Oh well.........anyone for Tiddily Winks?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Days of King Monmouth - A short booklet review

If you're a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed that I'm a tad partial to the period in history between the ECW and the WSS. So naturally I tend to look for and buy books on the period, I do own several other books on Monmouth's Rebellion and the Battle of Sedgemoor. So when I noticed a new booklet being published, "The Days of King Monmouth" by Ralph Mitchard. it was a no brainer, especially as it was a mere £6 plus postage!
The book runs out at 45 pages and has both colour and black & white illustrations. But what I like the most is the booklet is written as a day by day account, starting on the 1st June when Monmouth sailed to Judge Jeffreys Bloody Assizes.
There are books and booklets with more info in them of course, but for a wargamer, this is gold, with details on the Skirmish at Bridport, the rout of the Somerset Militia, the Skirmish at Ashill and at Keynsham Bridge, the Battle of Philips Norton and of course the Battle of Sedgemoor. The 6 week War is a perfect Skirmish period for any gamer, so if you're interested in the period my advice is buy it!

You can purchase the booklet direct from Ralph's site here or on ebay here

You can also visit Ralph blog Wars of Louis XIV