Sunday, 4 October 2015

Why Men Cry.............

..................when they drop 5 file boxes full of figures!
That's when!!
As I'm painting up some Moors for Tangiers I thought I'd have a look in my shed 
to find my EL Cid/Moor collection, just to see what I actually have. (They've not seen
the light of day for some time??)

I was quite surprised to find 7 file boxes full to the brim with figures, all from my WAB days long ago. There were even  some painted by Fran, that I'd forgotten I even bought?? 
While some of the other
figures need to go on ebay fast, they were painted in my early wargaming days with what
 looks like a 4 inch brush and a tin of Dulux!
But........while sorting through the 6th box I knocked the bloody lot off my desk.......
I cannot type what I said
but I think you can probably guess.
I looked down at the mess on the floor and could of cried!

When I'd recovered from the shock and the mourning set in, (which was around 2 hours)
I tried to put them back in their boxes , it took me well over an hour to put all the figures minus spears, shield's, swords and Christ knows what else, back in their boxes!
Now I gotta admit, some looked a hell of a lot better all smashed and broke.
But to say I'm gutted doesn't quite cut it!

But on the bright side, I've ripped up my Gripping Beast shopping list for SELWG next Sunday.
Anyone else going??

Saturday, 26 September 2015

You'll never guess what I've been doing?

Yep, for the first time in months the brush has made an appearance!!

Pack TA01 from Unfeasibly minis
They are actually Tuaregs
but they're posing as Moors for Tangiers.

Co-Starring 6 Foundry minis
a French/Jacobite/Spanish/.Dutch unit
also for Donnybrook!