Saturday, 25 April 2015

Salute 2015- The Pics.......and there's a lot of 'em!

A few Rejects took that long drive up the A2 and over Dartford Bridge to the Excel centre for our annual trip to Salute! It was a great day and like most at the show I'm bloody knackered!!! I did come back with a large bag of goodies, rather larger than I'd planned as well.
I met up with loads of other Bloggers walking around and at the Blogger Meet-up. I also had a chat with Martin form Warbases, very interesting it was too?? And with Darrell Hindley who forgot about the Blogger meet-up!!
Also had a long chat with Barry Hilton, Gerry and Toggy from the League of Augsberg. Barry announced that the long awaited Irish book for Beneath the Lily Banners will possible be out in June and its gonna be a mega book with loads of scenarios!! Can't wait!! But whatever you do don't mention boats????
I did have a camera malfunction and missed quite a few games so apologies if I missed your game.
Anyway on with the show

The queue.....sigh!!!

Postie had a bit of luck, he pulled a Golden ticket out of his bag and won a bag from KR!!!
The Swine!!!

My top 2 games both had a Navel theme for a change??
The first is this lovely looking demo
Essex Gamesters - Fort George, AWI

Southend Wargames Club & Captain Games - Gunboat, Napoleonic Naval

South London Warlords - The Battle of Araure Dec 1813
South American Wars of Independance
Loved the look of this game and the figures, which were all 1/72 scale figures from loads 
of manufacturers.

Dalauppror - God's Friends and the Whole Worlds Enemies, 1372

Too Fat Lardies - Chain of Command, Helmand Province
Only just noticed Dave and Postie in this pic?????

Operation Broadsword - The Cold War Gone West

South London Warlords - Stingray 

Newark Irregulars - Guilford Courthouse

 By Fire and Sword

Jersey Privateers - Battle of Dawlak Archipelago 
Dystopian Wars

Caseshot Publishing - Wellington's First Battle
Combat for Boxtel 1794

War & Conquest & Gravesend Wargames Club - Samurai

4 Gripping Beast Saga games

Adrian's Walls

Not sure who's game this was???

Sons of Simon de Montfort - De Montfort must die

Blockbuster Wargames - The Battle of Lutzen 1632

Crush the Kaiser 

Wyre Forest Gamers - The Battle of Fraudstadt 1706

Chelmsford Bunker - X Wing Death Star Trench

Glenbrook Games - Ruckus at Redmere

Mechworld Development Group - Battlestar Galactica

Not a game but a Monster of a model!!!

East Street Games - Bullets and Brains

Royal Air Force Wargaming Association - Sharpe's Waterloo

And last but not least...
Simon Miller - To the Strongest